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Communication Skills
Phone Skills

Tips for effective communicating

Outgoing Calls

1.) Have a purpose in mind when calling someone.

2.) Be sure to have documentation or notes

3.) Limit social conversation.

4.) Keep answers concise, well thought out and clear.

5.) At the end of the call summarize what the next action will be.

6.) Avoid calling during lunch or close to quitting time.

Incoming Calls

1.) Don't eat while on the phone.

2.) If you need to research to answer the questions that the caller is asking don't be afraid to call them back when you are prepared.

3.) keep it courteous

Writing Skills

Tips for effective writing

1.) Know your reader and audience cater your writing style to your audience.

2.) Prepare an outline to organize your thoughts and create a logical flow.

3.) Include a introduction and concluding paragraph that ties the piece together.

4.) Answer questions in the article before they are asked.

Effective Email Skills

Tips for effective email communication skills

1.) Think before you write, keep your message concize, clear and useful.

2.) Be sure to proof read, pay particular attention to phoenetic spelling errors.

3.) Email is not secure and messages can be seen by not only by network administrators, but many companies have a corporate policy to overview messages. Keep this in mind when sending messages.

4.) Its best not to say anything at all than to respond in anger and regret it later.

5.) Don't type in either all upper case or all lower case. All upper case is considered "shouting". Lower case is considered juvenille and often unprofessional.

6.) Be sure to use a meaningful subject line in all email exchanges.

7.) Keep it professional

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