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  wireless software allows you to add ringtones to your mobile or cellular phone
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Wireless Software
PageGate - network paging gateway that allows text messages to be sent to cell phones, pagers and PIMs from any combination of six different interfaces (e-mail, web, GUI, TAP-in, Serial and commandline).
NotePager Pro - send text or SMS messages to pagers, mobile phones, and PIMs using an easy to use desktop application.
NotePager Net - full feature network paging software that allows for all users on a network to share a commmon modem, phone line and database to facilitate the sending of text messages to pagers, cellular phones or other messaging devices.
NotePager 32 - easy to use standalone software for home use or basic messaging.
WebGate - software to send web based messages, email notification or email sending to pagers or mobile phones.
Mobile Music Polyphonic - a polyphonic ringtone composition and converting software. You can music in it and setup different instrument for every channel.
Coding Workshop - allows you to add ringtones to your mobile or cellular phone whatever the make or model, and without using cables or expensive sms services!
Text Aloud - converts any text into spoken words. Instead of the valuable time you spend reading on your email it is read to you!
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